Aida Folch reveals how was the path that has led her to be nominated for Best 2013 Actress Goya in the Spanish cinema for her performance in the film by Fernando Trueba, 'The Artist and the Model'.
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Aida Folch is a Spanish actress whose filmography includes films like ‘El embrujo de Shangai’, ‘Los lunes al sol’ y ‘The artist and the model’, in addition to the popular TV series ‘Cuéntame cómo pasó’.










Despite her youth, Aida Folch (Reus, 1986) has a solid career, making her one of the most promising actresses Spanish and projection. This is confirmed by her participation in more than fifteen films, some successful TV series and works for theater.
Since her childhood it was clear in her mind that her future would somehow be related to the world of acting. As a child and she did theater in her hometown in a company called Llop’s Teatre as an extracurricular activity. In addition, she practiced every Saturday in Reus Reading Centre, where she discovered her passion was acting. She studied acting at the workshop of Juan Carlos Corazza and Cristina Rota’s school. She also studied editing in Madrid and Barcelona. In 1998 she joined an advertising agency in Barcelona and two years later came her first big professional break when she was chosen among 3,000 girls across Spain to star ‘El embrujo de Shangai’, by the Oscar winner Fernando Trueba.
She was only 14 years old. A few months later the director Fernando Leon de Aranoa would choose her to participate in ‘Los lunes al sol’, starring Javier Bardem. Her first two films were the most awarded ones at the Goya Gala in 2001.

Acting experience

Aida has worked in films such as  ‘Mi universo es en minúsculas’, by Hatuey Viveros: the historical epic ‘Henry IV’, directed by Jo Baier; ‘25 Kilates’, by Patxi Amézcua, for which she won the Silver Biznaga for Best Actress area ZineMalaga Festival in 2009; ‘Diente por ojo’, by Eivind Holmboe; ‘Las vidas de Celia’, by Antonio Chavarrías; ‘Salvador’,  by Manuel Huerga; ‘Amar’, by Estebán Crespo; ‘Aquitania’, directed by Rafael Montesinos; ‘Fin de curso’, by Miguel Martí; ‘Siempre quise trabajar en una fábrica”, by Esteban Crespo; ‘El legado’, by Jesús Monlleó; ‘La mirada violeta’, directed by Nacho Peréz de la Paz & Jesús Ruiz; ‘Física II’, by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and ‘Las lágrimas del cisne’, of J. Wilson. She has also worked in television films like ‘Con el 10 en la espalada’, ‘Inocentes’, ‘No estás sola, Sara’, ‘Morir en tres actos’ ó ‘Volveremos’, and in the TV series ‘Cuéntame como pasó’. In 2013 she co-starred with Imanol Arias, the miniseries `Vicente Ferrer´ for TVE interpreting Anna Ferrer.


On stage she has participated in the plays  ‘Roberto Zucco’, under the direction of Lluis Pascual, and ‘Conte D’hivern’, directed by Ferrán Mádico.


In 2012 she starred ‘The artist and the model’, by Fernando Trueba, a film shot entirely in French where she works with Jean Rochefort & Claudia Cardinale. She also participated in ‘El amor no es lo que era, under the direction of Gabi Ochoa. In addition, she has directed ‘Estrellas’ and ‘Ella’, and was also responsible for the editing.

Among her latest works we find `Fuego´ a film directed by Luis Marías, filmed in Bilbao last January 2014, `Nameless´, an American film directed by Bryan Thurman and Luis Esteban and `Incidencias´, the third film by José Corbacho & Juan Cruz.

What they say about her…

Interview with actress Aida Folch nominated for the Goya to the Best Actress 2013. She also participates in the short film “Veneno” in the Official Selection at the 3rd International Short Film Multifest.

Interview: David B. Islas

Aida Folch reveals what it was like to follow the path that has led her to the nomination for “Best Actress” at the Goya 2013, for her performance in the film by Fernando Trueba, ‘The Artist and the Model’. When this young actress started working in the cinema profession she did not know Trueba, she just knew that she “wanted to be an actress.”


Six years later, Fernando Trueba phoned this actress from Reus to ask if she could speak French. She replied that she could not speak that language, but in very predisposed manner she said, “But I can learn.” And so she packed up and moved to France. After six months Aida called the renowned director to tell him that she could now get by in French. That was the moment when Trueba fell in love with her.

For better or worse, the project took another four years to get started. Then, the long awaited script finally arrived which was very subtle and speaks of great things as the actress says.


A beautiful story that ended in Goya Nomination…