Aida Folch | Las vidas de Celia
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Las vidas de Celia

Technical Specs

Original title: Las vidas de Celia

Year: 2006

Length: 90 min.

Country: Spain | Mexico

Stars: Najwa Nimri, Luis Tosar, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Aida Folch, Álex Casanovas, Mentxu Romero, Javier Díaz, Ximena Ayala, Nora Navas, Pep Ricart, Nausicaa Bonnín, Lorenzo Milá

Genre: Drama

IMDbLas vidas de Celia

Director: Antonio Chavarrías

Movie script: Antonio Chavarrías

Music: Fernando Corona

Photography: Guillermo Granillo

Studio: Co-Spain-Mexico; Oberon Cinematográfica / TAU / Altavista Films


After a night out, Celia attempts suicide but fails. That same night, nearby, is raped and murdered a teenager. A policeman, Miguel Angel, is in charge of the case. The investigation leads him to Celia and Agustín, her husband. Also to Celia’s two sisters: Carmen and Angela. Just arresting Pedro, Ángela’s former boyfriend, but who really suspects is Agustín. Michelangelo is experiencing a critical moment and ends up seeing reflected in Celia their own mental and emotional instability. The tensions aroused crime are revealing the hidden and false world hidden behind the peaceful and dull life of Celia.


2006: San Sebastián Festival: Nominated for Concha de Oro



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