Aida Folch | No estás sola, Sara
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No estás sola, Sara

Technical Specs

Original title: No estás sola, Sara

Year: 2009

Country: Spain

Stars: Amaia Salamanca, Ricard Sales, Aida Folch, Yolanda Arestegui, Chusa Barbero, Chema León, Luz Valdenebro

Genre: Drama | Jealousy | Telefilm

Web oficial: No estás sola, Sara
IMDbNo estás sola, Sara

Director: Carlos Sedes

Movie script: Noelia García

Music: Federico Jusid

Photography: Javier Salmones

Studio: Ficciona Media / TVE


Sara (Amaia Salamanca) attending the final session of psychological therapy organized for a group of physically and psychologically abused women. Finally, after years of therapy, get verbalize their own history without fear, emotions and memories hinder them. Some years before, Sara was a happy girl: studying journalism, liked makeup, buy clothes, cinema, reading and fun. One night he meets Javier (Ricard Sales), a boy his age, handsome, polite, shy and charming, which falls slowly, filling her with attention. But there comes a day when Javier advised not to wear miniskirts again. That is the starting point of a nightmare filled with violence.



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