Aida Folch | Aquitania
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Technical Specs

Original title: Aquitania

Year: 2005

Length: 90 min.

Country: Spain

Stars: Aida Folch, Angela Castilla, Joan Crosas, Jorge de Juan, Alejandro Jornet, Francisco Nortes

Genre: Drama


Director: Rafa Montesinos

Movie script: Pepe Tienda & Miquel Peidro

Music: 3 Notes

Photography: Javier Quintanilla

Studio: Trivision S.L.


Beatriz is an enigmatic teenager. Daughter of Manuel, rich potentate for companies whose works almost all the people of the village, his behavior is very strange. The local doctor, Esteban feels an irresistible attraction for Beatriz, but the age difference represents an insurmountable barrier. But the heart of Beatriz seems to have another owner, Simón, son of Esteban. After the wedding of Simón and Beatriz, relationships are complicated and passions, always on the edge, are about to explode. Shortly after, Simon dies in not too clear circumstances. The axis of all the unknowns is Beatriz. What was the real cause of her marriage? What lies behind the death of Simón? What terrible secret is hidden Beatriz?



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