Shooting Journal – Day 3
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September 13, 2011




Cros (Jean) reads in his chair near the window. The postman delivers a letter to Mary.


We fuse 96 and 97 into a single sequence. And in a single plane. In the last shot I ask Jean not smile, I want serious scene, even if Read jokes and play it. Their eyes open in darkness speak volumes.


We shot inside the bedroom of day in American night.


We have assembled the decor of the bedroom into a little hotel lounge on the second floor because they look out the window in the background mountains. It has always been an obsession of mine open to the outside shooting indoors. I did so in “Year of Enlightenment” and “Belle Époque”.


The different styles of Claudia and Jean. But I think I together. I like the relationship of the couple on screen. I like that each actor belongs to a different … ‘animal species’ They have not studied ‘in the same school’, that have different styles … Jean, Aida, Claudia, Chus …


My old hatred methods and schools, to standardize. In life we all act differently.


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