Shooting Journal – First week
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September 12, 2011




We only have six weeks. We will have to work fast. The only consolation is that I made “Belle Époque” in seven, and was a much longer script. Of course I would have loved to have more weeks to make shorter journeys, less fatiguing actors, especially Jean, which is almost the entire shoot. And is 81 years old. Claudia, 73. Chus, 80 …


Within one can never realize the dream of making a film in order, at least we will ride for order within each set. The film has two main sets that are the workshop Marc Cros, sculptor, our “artist” in the mountain, and his house in the village where he lives with Lea (his wife), and Mary, the maid old Spanish (Chus Lampreave).


Start rolling the house we shot in a hotel in Ceret, famous for being a habitual place of artists at the beginning of the century, Soutine and Chagall and above all, my beloved Picasso and Manolo Hugué … The territory of this story is, for me, Josep Pla and Manuel Aristides Maillol Hugué.


All of Claudia wheel at first, the first week and a half. And it’s all in France, Ceret … and a small stream in La Garrotxa.


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