Shooting Journal – Day 4
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September 15, 2011




One of the many fortunes, one of the miracles of the film, is having met Michel Brigand, painter and sculptor of Ceret. Michel is our ‘artist’ in the set. Jean is old, it is two months younger. ‘I have to take care of it’, says Jean Michel is goodness, kindness, curiosity. We have brought peace to his studio in the hills of Ceret, but I think is delighted to be in a film.


His hands are the hands of Jean when Cros draw or sculpt.


We shot the sequence 6 where we first house Cros and this and read together. The draw distracted a woman’s body. She looks over her shoulder: ‘If I am, you have a good memory’.


Then on the terrace, the long sequence of dinner and outages. The couple works, the set also…


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