Aida Folch | Shooting Journal – Day 5
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September 16, 2011

DAY 5 – FRIDAY, 16



In 69 sec Lea andCros speak about the maquis. I like the final dialogue ‘Do you see me jealous at my age? ‘And Lea responding ‘Yes’. We shot it in plain stream.


For 84we shot a general level from outside the room through the windows. Looks like a studio shot an old American film. Cros browse a notebook with drawings (Michel Brigand) La Méditerranée. Read guess what you think, puts his hand on his shoulder, ‘I’m sure it will’).


The intensity of the gaze of Jean, the mixture of irony, sadness and even despair, are perfect for the character.


We finished the decoration of the house of Cros and the first week of shooting. Glad to leave the set because although I love the game that we have taken as given in screen, I have the feeling of having exhausted all possible angles.


From the window of his studio there the best view of Ceret. On Saturday, Dani (Vilar, director of photography) and his assistant, Oli go there to shoot a wide shot at sunset when the sun modeled the hills.


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