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Las lágrimas del cisne

Las lágrimas del cisne Synopsis Thalia is an ugly girl, who auto writes love letters from celebrities

Marioneta ciega

Marioneta ciega Synopsis A depressed, and often manic, puppeteer leaves home to do another day of penance, trying to absolve the tortured memories of a drunken night when the monster that dwells


Veneno Synopsis into Adriana veins, the blood becomes poison. He is the only one who can save her. Actors AIDA FOLCH plays the role of Adriana. This young actress strong interpretative trajectory, has worked in


Soundtrack Synopsis Within its walls, on its streets, under its waters


Pasionaria Synopsis "Pasionaria" tells the story of a girl of 17 years than in the last years of Franco has to consider her future as a woman and make a difficult decision that


¿Iguales? Synopsis Adela isn't the girl from a romantic comedy. Hassan isn't the gallant hero of an adventure film. Sylvia isn't at all like a femme fatale. And Sofía isn't either what

Diente por ojo

Diente por ojo Synopsis One night, seven individuals are drawn into a series of terrible events that show that, in life, there always comes a time when we reap what we sow.


Amar Synopsis A young couple makes love in the room of one of them. Photos Shortfilm < Back to Filmography

Siempre quise trabajar en una fábrica

Siempre quise trabajar en una fábrica Synopsis A look at the instant before a change in the life of a young couple. Photos Shortfilm < Back to Filmography

El legado

El legado Synopsis It tells the story of two hospital companions; Inés can not move and has Lidia to tell her what is seen through the window

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