Marioneta ciega
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Marioneta ciega

Technical Specs

Original title: Marioneta ciega

Year: 2013

Length: 19 min.

Country: Mexico | Spain

Stars: Aida Folch, Javier Espada, Almudena Gallego, Paco Martínez, Daniel Muriel, Jordi Rico, Fernando Tielve, Willy Villalba, Claudia Yamell, Tomás Pozzi, Javier Botet, Deborah Deneo

Genre: Shortfilm | Drama | Fantasy

Official website

IMDbMarioneta ciega

Director: Jaime Fidalgo

Movie script: Jaime Fidalgo, Paco Martínez, Tomás Pozzi

Music: Juan Pablo Miramontes & Alejandro Romero Godínez

Art Director: Deborah Deneo

Studio: Mailuki Films


A depressed, and often manic, puppeteer leaves home to do another day of penance, trying to absolve the tortured memories of a drunken night when the monster that dwells within him was unleashed.


premios 2 Marioneta ciega shortfilm aida folch corto pelicula

premios Marioneta ciega shortfilm aida folch corto pelicula



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