Shooting “Cites”!
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Shooting “Cites”!

Aida Folch is currently shooting  “Cites, the new series of TV3 (Regional Television of Catalonia). Based on the successful British series called “Dates”. The series is directed by Pau Freixas and has featured actors like Eduardo Noriega, Aida Folch, Laia Costa, Ingrid Rubio, Jordi Sánchez, Eva Santolaria, Biel Duran, Nausicaa Bonnín, Bea Segura, Jordi Rico, Isak Férriz.

What is about the series?

The series, which combines drama and comedy, tackles the world of blind dates through characters that will be crossing each other and that viewers will rediscovering them throughout the season.


From here, You can see a video (in Catalan), recorded by TV3, which shows both moments of shooting as Aida Folch and Eduardo Noriega comments about the characters.

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