Vicente Ferrer
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Vicente Ferrer

Technical Specs

Original title: Vicente Ferrer

Year: 2013

Length: 104 min.

Country: Spain

Stars: Imanol Arias, Aida Folch, Josep Maria Pou, Carles Canut, Alba Flores, Jaskaran Brady

Genre: Drama | Biography | Telefilm

Filming Locations: Barcelona (Spain), Andhra Pradesh (India), Anantapur (India),

Web oficial:

IMDb: Vicente Ferrer

Director: Agustín Crespi

Movie script: Patrick Buckley, David Planell

Photography: Tote Trenas

Studio: Grupo Ganga Producciones S.L.


Vicente Ferrer” is a TV movie that tells part of the life of a man who chose the action as a method to change the world. His determination restored dignity to the poorest in the caste of Dalits or untouchables and transformed the evicted land of Anantapur, an India’s desert district, in a fertile and productive landscape.
Although the journey of this man walks a lifetime, “Vicente Ferrer” focuses on the last thirty years of the Catalan Jesuit to narrate their battle against enemies that seemed unbeatable.

The film begins with his return to India in 1969, after an exile forced by the expulsion of Ferrer to Spain after incurring the wrath of powerful leaders who had seen him as a threat to their personal interests.

At fifty years old, Ferrer returns to start its work from scratch accompanied by a very small group of faithful collaborators, among them is Anne Perry, his future wife, partner and heir to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. The charismatic priest quietly returned to a country that felt like own, convinced that “poverty and suffering are not to be understood, but to fight.”


Best historical drama in Impact Awards 2014



Making off

Collaborates with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

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