Shooting Journal – Day 1
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September 12, 2011




The first day we shot the sequences 13 to 17. But in reality, for me, it is a single sequence, simply parallel actions on the terrace and lounge house of Cros. All the main characters are already present.


The foreground: a general plan of Chus brings down the stairs and espadrilles for Merce … Conventional!


The first days of filming are always awkward, I have the feeling of rolling academic way: people sitting talking … But Aida comes like a whirlwind and makes nothing is academic or graph.


Throughout filming, no dialogue sentences that end up being a joke among team members. ‘In leathers’, said by Chus on this first day is first.


Jean looks bruised legs Merce, then it is out of the way and go to the terrace from where you hear the conversation of women, the proposition Lea … There, Jean approaches grapes from the vine and look and the eccentric gets way that catches everyone by surprise. Jean is anything but conventional.


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