Roberto Zucco
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Roberto Zucco

Technical Specs

Original title: Roberto Zucco
Year: 2005
Country: Spain
Stars: Manuel Millán, Aida Folch, Cesareo Estébanez, Iván Hermes, Celia Bermejo, Carmen Mach, Patxi Freytez, Antonio Medina, Teresa Lozano, María Asquerno, Paco Lahoz, Cristina Fenollar, Gloria Vega, Walter Vidarte, Marina Andrina, Pep Guiñol, Claudio Sierra, Ana Burriel, Alez Amaral, Carles Moreu, Mercedes Samprieto, Antonio Requena, Daniel Llobregat, Miguel Zúñiga, Arturo Bernal
Genre: Drama | Biographic

Director: Lluís Pascual

Script: Bernard-Marie Koltés
Photography: Ros Rivas


“Roberto Zucco” is based on a true story of a Italian serial murderer, Roberto Succo, held in check the Italian and French police during the eighties. Koltés saw his picture on a poster in the subway and was impressed by that face. He researched about him and wrote the text, from which Pasqual said to be the contemporary “Hamlet” and that despite its tragic history is full of humor.



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