Retrato de Aida
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Retrato de Aida

Technical Specs

Original title: Retrato de Aida

Year: 2014

Length: 83 min.

Country: España

Stars: Aida Folch, Guillermo Oyágüez Montero

Genre: Documentary | Art | Painting | Portrait

IMDbRetrato de Aida

Director: Antonio Gómez-Olea

Movie script: Antonio Gómez-Olea

Music: Eleuterio Domínguez Acevedo
Photography: Miguel Ángel Camacho
Art Director: Carolina González


PORTRAIT OF AIDA deals with the personal relationship that develops between the painter Guillermo Oyagüez Montero and the actress Aida Folch over the course of more than a year, as they meet, session by session, to do a portrait. Over and above the secrets of Guillermo’s craft as a painter, and Aida’s acting skill, they reveal an attitude to the world that is gradually reflected in the painting.



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