Henry VI
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Henry VI

Technical Specs

Original title: Henri IV (Henri 4) – Henry of Navarre – Enrique de Navarra

Length: 155 min.

Year: 2010

Country: Germany

Stars: Julien Boisselier, Joachim Król, Andreas Schmidt, Roger Casamajor, Aida Folch

Genre: Adventure | Drama | History | Biography | XVI Century

IMDbHenry VI

Director: Jo Baier

Movie script: Jo Baier, Cooky Ziesche (Novela: Heinrich Mann)

Music: Henry Jackman, Hans Zimmer

Photography: Gernot Roll

Productora: Germany-France-Czech Republic-Spain Coproduction; ARTE / BR / Degeto Film / ICC / MMC Independent / Maya Production / MDR


European co-production that revolves around the figure of Henry IV of France and III of Navarre (1503-1555). Enrique would be known as ‘the good king’ of France, a young prince of Navarre, called one day become King of France, according to the prophecy of Nostradamus. After years of religious wars and intrigues games, Enrique come to the throne. His religious egalitarianism, his passion for life and women, their preference for the destitute, become Henry IV in an exceptional monarch. Viewers will be amazed by the fascinating adventure of this king that faced European royal houses, who fought for his life more than once, who lived countless loves and who had at least 18 children.


German Film Awards 2010 – Nominated – Film Award in Gold – Best Performance by Actor in Supporting Role – Ulrich Noethen | Mejor maquillaje – Gerd Zeiss

Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2012 – winner – Golden Nymph – Outstanding Actor in a Miniseries – Julien Boisselier

Romy Gala, Austria 2011 – Nominada – Nominated – Favorite actor – Joachim Król



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