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Technical Specs

Original title: Fuego

Year: 2014

Length: 90 min.

Country: Spain

Stars: José Coronado, Aida Folch, Leire Berrocal, Gorka Zufiaurre, Montse Mostaza, Jaime Adalid

Genre: Thriller | Terrorism | ETA | Revenge

IMDb: Fuego

Director: Luis Marías

Movie script: Luis Marías

Music: Aritz Villodas

Photography: Pau Monras

Studio: Fausto Producciones Cinematográficas


Carlos is police. One day, a bomb planted in his car kills his wife and leaves no legs to his 10 year old daughter. He is unharmed. Eleven years later lives in another city, Barcelona, and looks like a different person; works at a major security company. His daughter seems to have overcome that hard trauma, although the physical scars are indelible. Carlos, however, despite years of severe psychological treatment, which has not passed. In his soul there is only room for a feeling that consumes others: hatred. And one goal: revenge.


2014: Gijón Festival: Official Section Feature Films in competition




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