Fin de curso
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Fin de curso

Technical Specs

Original title: Fin de curso

Year: 2005

Length: 90 min.

Country: Spain

Stars: Jordi Vilches, Álvaro Monje, Andreu Castro, Yohana Cobo, Pau Roca, Aida Folch

Genre: Comedy | Adolescence

IMDbFin de curso

Director: Miguel Martí

Movie script: Juan Carlos Rubio

Photography: Antonio González

Studio: Manga Films / Happyhour


Two months to the end of the classes at the Spanish Liceo in Lisbon and it is time to choose the travel destination Prom. That decision caused a civil war between two irreconcilable groups: the “nerds” that propose the typical cultural trip to Paris, and those who prefer to enjoy a week in Benidorm,  the “New York of the Costa Blanca”.



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