El amor no es lo que era
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El amor no es lo que era

Technical Specs

Original title: El amor no es lo que era

Year: 2013

Length: 89 min.

Country: Spain

Stars: Aida Folch, Alberto San Juan, Petra Martínez, Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa, Blanca Romero, Nicolás Coronado, José Coronado

Genre: Romance | Drama | Romantic drama

IMDb: El amor no es lo que era

Director: Gabriel Ochoa (AKA Gabi Ochoa)

Movie script: Ada Hernández, Rafa Cobos, Gabriel Ochoa (AKA Gabi Ochoa)

Music: Julio de la Rosa

Photography: Gabriel Guerra

Studio: TV ON Producciones / Enciende TV / Tarannà Films


Alex comes across Lucias life, two youngsters who start discovering each other, the escape velocity will determine their future.Paz y Jorge see how their relationship is fading and they don’t know what to do, hyperbola, whose bodies will never go back to their point of origin. Albert and Irene meet after some decades of separation, parabola whose trajectories, it seemed, were not going to join again. Love is Not What It Used to Be is the story of the physical law of divergent trajectories.


2013: Málaga Festival: Official Feature Film Section in competition



Making off

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