New project launched “Cites”
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New project launched “Cites”

Voilà! This new project underway! We started in a few days!!

It comes to Catalonia the adaptation of the British series that was the revelation of 2013. With a stellar cast, will premiere on TV3


Filmax last preparations for the filming of the series ‘Cites’ (in Spanish ‘Citas’), which will begin shooting in February in Barcelona and will be emitted by Television of Catalonia, reports Filmax in a press note.

Through the stamp of Arca Audiovisual, the company embarks on filming a new series based on the original format of the British series ‘Dates’, created by Brian Elsley.


A luxury cast with actors such as Eduardo Noriega, Jordi Sánchez, Eva Santolaria, Aida Folch…

Leading the project is Pau Freixas (‘Polseres Vermelles’, in Spanish ‘Pulseras rojas’). On this occasion will feature 24 actors among which highlight Eduardo Noriega, Aida Folch, Bea Segura, Ingrid Rubio, Nausicaa Bonnín, Eva Santolaria, Laia Costa, Isak Férriz, Biel Durán, Jordi Rico, and Jordi Sánchez, among others.


About what will go ‘Cites’

The series, which combines drama and comedy, tackles the world of blind dates through characters that will be crossing each other and that spectators will rediscovering throughout the season.

Each chapter will show two dates which will become evident the fears, secrets and expectations about protagonists who seek love, sex or just not be alone.

After a first meeting through a web of contacts, the characters will see face to face full of uncertainties but also of hope Thus we will know different stories, from an elementary school teacher who sees approaching 40 and their life plans are again postpone, until a young widower, father of three daughters who want to find love again, passing by a girl who needs answers about their sexuality.


The ‘Cites’ series will be shot in Catalan and consists of 13 chapters in 45 minutes.


“Citas” will be based on “Dates”

Made up of nine episodes, ‘Dates’ shows the complex and ingenious first encounter between two strangers who have just met on the Internet.


The cast of this British series is headed by British performers such as Oona Chaplin (‘Juego de Tronos’, ‘Black Mirror’) & Neil Maskell (‘Utopía’), among others.


‘Dates’ was emitted in June 2013 for Britain’s Channel 4. In Spain, It was premiered on November 1 in Canal +.


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