Against abuse of women
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Against abuse of women

If you think you may be suffering violence, do not hesitate, please call 016…

You are not alone.

1. Orientation, legal advice and assistance handling the Legal Aid and Legal Aid.

Directorate General of Women (C / Alcalá, 253, 28027 Madrid, phone 91 720 62 47, opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9-13 hours).

2. Legal Advice Service – S.O.J.
Address: Calle Alcalá No. 253
Phone: 91 720 62 47
Opening hours Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.30. by appointment.

3. Turn craft of Violence (also free)
Through this service Bar offers complete and specialized at women who suffer violence at home legal coverage.

It has a guard service 24 hours, consisting of lawyers who, after training, are assigned to this shift and serve immediately to the victim, advising and initiating all actions in defense.

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