10 things you don´t know about women…
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10 things you don´t know about women…

1. Remember: “La femme est l’avenir de l’homme [The woman is the future of man].” And those are not my words, this is what Louis Aragon said.
2. We love that you love technology. But put your phone away now! I want you all to myself.
3. There is nothing sexier than being yourself.
4. Have your armpits ready, always. We love to lay our head there and feel protected.
5. We admire independent men who risk and who know how to make decisions.
6. We know that you are strong and brave, but what we love is to find the man who is not afraid to express his feelings.
7. So I already know you love me? Yes, but do not stop telling me.
8. Smiles are something irresistible. Give alway truthful smiles. It’s free.
9. Asking questions is also free and we love seeing men to asking, because it means that they want to know.
10. Have fun, dare, get out of the closet. Do not forget that we like to play… when we play together.

Esquire Magazine | by Fede Serra

Aida Folch stars the film ‘Fuego’, directed by Luis Marías.

Styling Inés Ibán
Hair and makeup Leo Pereira para Benefit y Redken
Asistente de estilismo Lara Tascón
Aida Folch brings total look of Christian Dior, Watch mini D of Dior Horlogerie and shiny ring of Aristocrazy

 Photo: Fede Serra

See article in Esquire

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